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Art Department


The Art Department takes a great deal of pride in working closely with students in building a strong sense of community and confidence with a variety of exciting art events, installations, and projects each year.


  • 3D Sculpture
This is a one-semester course designed to develop the student’s awareness of three-dimensionality with emphasis on positive and negative space, mass, form and aesthetic content. The areas explored will include additive and subtractive sculpture and assemblage techniques. Clay, wood, plaster, plastics, found objects, Styrofoam, and any other appropriate materials will be utilized.  Students will learn how to manipulate these materials and use sculpting tools safely.​
  • Human Figure Drawing
The purpose of this one-semester course is to help students obtain the basic skill of drawing the human form, including anatomy, observation of the human form and fundamental exercises in gesture, contour, outline, and tonal modeling.  This course will emphasize the role of the human figure in both traditional and contemporary art.​
  • Studio Art
The student will work on an intensive yearlong study of one subject or concentration with an in-depth approach through media exploration and technique. A minimum of 10 original works that exhibit experiences in formal, technical and expressive exploration will be completed by the end of each semester. Students will be responsible for bi-weekly sketchbook entries and artist research. A portfolio, including slides and a body of work, will be evaluated at the culmination of the study. ​