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Foreign Language Department


Spanish is increasingly becoming a very important language in the US. In fact, some experts predict that the US will become the largest Spanish Speaking country by the year 2050.
With that in mind, our goal is to equip our students with the tools necessary to best succeed in the future. This includes having a well-rounded view of Hispanic cultures, nations, history and the events taking place that affect the world today.


  • Spanish Level I
In Spanish Level I, students are given the basics of the language.  Emphasis is placed on practical (every-day life) vocabulary, basic sentence structure, verb forms, and grammar through hands-on activities and project-based work.
  • Spanish Level II
Spanish II is a comprehensive course designed to further one’s skills in the four aspects of language learning: speaking, listening, reading and writing. Emphasis is placed on practical conversation and cultural applications. Grammar is studied more in-depth and verb study is expanded to include the predicate, imperfect, future, and the present subjunctive. Prerequisite: Students must earn a passing grade in Spanish I or demonstrate sufficient Spanish proficiency.​
  • Spanish Level III
Spanish III is a Regents preparatory course that provides an intensive study of grammar, composition, conversation and the development of auditory and reading comprehension skills. Emphasis is placed on the communicative value of these skills and their application to practical and realistic situations. Additionally, the incorporation of various aspects of Hispanic culture is an integral part of this course. Spanish III culminates in the New York State Comprehensive Examination in Spanish.​