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​The Grand Street Campus Wrestling team is an exceptional team that uses wrestling as the vehicle through which young people achieve their full physical, cognitive, and social potential to develop into strong and effective individuals of our community. At our school wrestling has taught our student-athletes how to be disciplined and tough in all aspects of life. Every year the young men work extremely hard to learn safe and effective ways to become top-level wrestlers in New York City. Over the past decade, our wrestling team has won four PSAL NYC Team Championships as well as crowning 30 PSAL Individual City Champions. The wrestling team is led by our Physical Education teacher Stephen Perez, who was named the 2017 PSAL High School Wrestling Coach of the Year.


​Grand Street Campus High School Football Program has had a rich tradition since 1999.  The purpose of the football team is to complement the educational goals of the entire campus by emphasizing the physical, mental, and character development of each student-athlete.  To fulfill this purpose statement, the football program will “teach athletes essential traits that are needed to be successful in football and in life”.  This philosophy acts as the basis of our program.  We want to see every young person grow and mature by providing life-long lessons and mentorship to guide them toward becoming better people.  Learning the game of football, as with life, is a never-ending process. The football program has 2 undefeated seasons (2001, 2015) and one city championship back in 2015.

Track and Field​

The Grand Street Campus Track & Field Team was founded on the premise of sports education and physical fitness for females.  Our staff is dedicated to offering quality instruction to the student-athletes joining our team.  The belief is that athletes who gain a strong understanding about proper distance training methods, injury prevention, rest and recovery, and mental preparation will be given a tremendous opportunity to succeed in cross country, track & field, and road racing.  Our members will improve self-esteem and confidence through consistent effort and acknowledgment of improvement. The hope is that the methods we use in training student-athletes which involves, dedication, commitment, sacrifice, confidence, determination, rigor and resiliency will help the student in any real-life situations throughout high school and beyond