Cohort Calendar 

  • Starting on Wednesday, September 16, teachers will remotely work with all students for an instructional transition and orientation period.

  • In-person blended learning will begin on Monday, September 21 with Group C

September 16 to September 25

September cohort calendar.JPG

September 28 to October 16

Additional Information 

  • Morning entry for PROGRESS HS students will be the Main entrance at 850 Grand Street.

  • Students should arrive at 8:15 am. Class time for students is 8:30-1:59.

  • Grab & Go breakfast and lunch will be provided.

  • Teachers will be available for office hours everyday between 1:59-2:19.

  • Schedules will be on Pupil Path and e-mailed. If you have any questions or concerns about classes please email your counselor.

  • Students will be using Google Classrooms.

  • Students must use their NYC DOE Student Account information to log in

  • Students will be added to their instructor's Google Classroom and will be able to view the class once signed onto the platform

  • Starting 09/21/2020 all students attending in person classes will be required to fill out the online Health Screening to show that they are cleared to enter DOE Facilities. Please go to the Health Screening page to complete the form.